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Why Does My Engine Oil Get Dirty So Quickly?

Constant auto maintenance can help you discover minor issues before they turn into extensive and costly problems — and one familiar annoyance we run into is filthy and contaminated oil! You'd be surprised to know that dirty engine oil isn't always a horrible sign. Find out what causes engine oil to get dirty, what's expected, and what's not.


Common Causes of Dirty Engine Oil

Over time, your oil filter can accumulate dirt, debris, and gunk. All that gunk can cause your engine oil to become polluted. The collection is standard, but you should swap out the oil and oil filter once the oil becomes dirty. Dirty oil can harm your car by damaging engine components, decreasing fuel efficiency, or even causing a breakdown. Some other common causes of dirty oil include too long delays between oil changes, normal engine wear and tear, and going without an oil filter change


What To Look For When Inspecting Your Engine Oil

An expert auto technician can recognize when your motor oil is dirty, but you may also be able to spot some signs on your own by paying attention to the color of the oil. Fresh, new engine oil is supposed to be a translucent amber color, similar to the color of honey. With time and usage, the oil can become darker and thicker. For example, brown or gray motor oil with a cloudy or foamy texture could warn of contamination from a coolant leak or excessive engine idling. Whereas reddish oil may mean there's an automatic transmission fluid leak. These changes in your oil's color and viscosity will prevent your oil from doing its job. If you notice any degrading symptoms, please visit Hometown Tire & Auto.


Oil is the bloodline of your automobile--without good quality oil, your vehicle will not be able to get you where you need to be. When something looks or feels unusual with your oil, you should have it inspected by a pro at Hometown Tire & Auto. For expert oil change services and repairs, give us a call or visit today!


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