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Monthly Archives: August 2023

Driving & Maintenance Habits That Cost You Money In The Long Run

Driving & Maintenance Habits That Cost You Money In The Long Run

Owning a vehicle is undoubtedly a convenience, but it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities. While the initial purchase price is one consideration, the long-term costs of driving and maintaining your vehicle can add up significantly.  Are there habits you're inadvertently practicing that are siphoning money from your wallet? Let's answer this question together and share some common driving and maintenance practices that might be costing you money in the long run, and explore ways to steer your habits toward savings. Neglecting Regular Maintenance: A Costly Oversight Imagine this: You're cruising along smoothly in your car, enjoying the open road, when suddenly, an unforeseen breakdown brings your adventure to a halt. Neglecting regular maintenance is a common oversight that can result in hefty repair bills. Failing to change the oil on time, ignoring worn-out brake pads, or overlooking a simple air filter replacement might seem like min ... read more

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