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What Does the ABS Warning Light Mean?

Your vehicle features multiple sensors that help notify if there's an issue with parts as you drive. One of the sensor systems is the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The system monitors your car's wheels to ensure they're all rotating approximately at the same speed.

ABS Warning Light: What It Means

While driving, the ABS system will monitor your wheels' rotation speed. Your car's computer monitors and sends signals from all the four wheels and the brake pedal location. The ABS warning light turns on immediately when the computer senses unusual signals or gets no signal from the sensors. It notifies you while in transit that there's a problem with your tires. Additionally, there're other malfunctions, including a damaged fuse and inadequate braking fluid, which can turn on the ABS warning light. Depending on your car's model and brand, the ABS warning light can turn on permanently at once or blink several times before turning on permanently.

What To Do When the ABS Warning Light is On

If you notice the ABS light is on, the immediate measure to take is get a safe parking spot, shut off your car, and invite it again. This procedure enables the vehicle's computer to scan for any sensor abnormalities. It can help fix the issue and shut off the light. However, this may not work for you under some circumstances. The warning light may still be on even after restarting your car. The best solution for the persistent problem is to seek help from a qualified mechanic.

Can You Still Drive While the ABS Light is On?

It may be safe to continue driving with the ABS warning light on. Your car will still be able to break unless the braking lights and the ABS indicator turn on simultaneously. However, you may find it difficult to control your car under skidding conditions. For that reason, drive carefully.

Our technicians troubleshoot the ABS system and recommend the necessary repairs or replacement. If you need ABS repair, give Hometown Tire and Auto a call today! We'll be glad to serve you.

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