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What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Warning Lights

Your dashboard is a wonderful hub of information for understanding what's going on inside your vehicle. Sometimes, you will be reminded for maintenance, while other times, it can warn you of a troubled system. Below are five dashboard warning lights that you should never overlook:

  1. Electrical System Fault Light - This warning is often depicted as a var battery, and it signifies that there is something wrong with one of your electrical components (battery, alternator, etc.).
  2. Tire Pressure Light (TPMS) - The TPMS light on your dashboard resembles a tire. It comes on when one of your sensors picks up that one or more of your tires are underinflated. Driving with low-pressure tires is very dangerous as it can impact your handling and increase your chances of a tire blowing out. 
  3. Oil Pressure Light - The oil pressure light looks like a traditional oil canister, and when this light is on, it's most likely an urgent issue. Driving with low oil pressure can put your engine at risk of extensive damage. You should probably pull over and call for a tow when you see this light.
  4. Hot Coolant or Engine Temperature Light - This dashboard warning light looks like a wet thermometer, and (if red) it means that your engine is on the brink of overheating. Overheating is a common consequence of an insufficient amount of coolant. You should pull over immediately.
  5. Check Engine Light - This warning light is yellow and looks like an engine block. While this light could mean anything from a loose gas gap, old spark plugs, to damaged sensors, you should not take this one lightly. We recommend taking your car to an auto repair shop for a diagnostic scan to be 100% certain of the problem.

If you recently noticed any of these come on your dashboard, please bring your car to Hometown Tire and Auto. We'll ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs to be back on the road again soon. 


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