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What Are The Different Types Of Fluid Leaks?

You may notice a pool underneath your car when pulling out of the driver, which means you have a fluid leak. It is crucial to know the fluid leaks your vehicle can have so you can fix them immediately. The following are different types of fluid leaks:

Coolant Leak

The color of the fluid leak is often a hint as to the type of fluid leak in a car. If you have a green or orange puddle, then it is a coolant leak.
A coolant leak is the result of a crack in the car's cooling system. Therefore, you will not have enough coolant meaning some car parts will start overheating and malfunctioning.
It is best to check for coolant leaks when the car is hot as the puddle will be visibly bubbling.

Oil Leak

An oil leak is the most common type of fluid leak. You know you have an oil leak when you see a black puddle underneath your car.
Oil leaks can be small and hard to find, but they are often due to a failed gasket. You can replace damaged gaskets and should do so immediately if you notice the oil leak.
An oil leak could also be due to a cracked oil pan, a missing washer on the oil pan drain bolt, or stripped threads in the oil pan.

Transmission Fluid Leak

If you have a pink or red puddle of fluid under your vehicle, it is a transmission fluid leak. However, transmission fluid can vary greatly in color so check your car's fluid to ascertain the color.
The fluid typically leaks from the transmission and axle joints. Get a new seal or repair the one you have to plug the leak.

There are many types of fluid leaks. If you have fluid leaks, please bring your car to Hometown Tire and Auto today, and we will help.


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