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What Are the Benefits of Waxing Your Car?

Unfortunately, not all cars are protected with a protective, transparent layer. If your vehicle does not have this coating, you may find it challenging to maintain a shiny exterior over time. However, if you wax your car regularly, you'll have no problem keeping your vehicle looking new. Besides aesthetic motives, what are the other benefits of waxing your car? 


#1: Protects Against Scratches 

The chemical makeup of wax includes petroleum distillates, natural oils, and other ingredients that harden the resin on the paint. With the extra layer of protection, you'll be less likely to get scratches on your vehicle.


#2: Protects Against Paint Chips

Wax can quickly help camouflage any pre-existing flaws. Though the wax can't guarantee that all scratches disappear entirely, it can fill in shallow scratches and make them blend.


#3: Easier to Wash

Most people overlook this benefit, but wax makes your car easier to clean. The wax makes external contaminants such as bugs and debris harder to stick to your vehicle. 


#4: Remove Hard Water Spots

No matter how hard you scrub to remove water spots, they never seem to disappear. A simple way to remove these stubborn marks is to apply wax and sealants to prevent hard water spots from staining your vehicle. Water spots result from impurities in the air and the deposits of the water used to wash your car.


#5: Helps the Resale Value 

Cars that look faded or have chipped paint may result in a lower resale value. If you keep the exterior of your vehicle looking good and free of marks, it can increase your car's worth when you decide to sell it.


Detailing and consistent waxes are services that often go hand-in-hand. Both are an essential part of extending your vehicle's lifespan and preserving an optimal resale value. Thorough cleans that include wax are just as crucial as regular maintenance services such as oil changes and tire rotations. If you require a layer of wax on your vehicle, please visit Hometown Tire & Auto. 

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