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How to Keep Your Car Battery from Dying

Summer is just around the corner here in Liberty, TX. While this summer is great for many reasons, the extreme summer heat can affect your car health. For instance, the car battery can wear down a lot quicker than usual. While you can't do much about the heat, you can take some precautions to ensure that your battery doesn't give out in the middle of the road. Check out some of our tips below:

Keep the Car Battery Out of Direct Heat

Heat is your car battery’s worst enemy. To prevent the heat from draining your battery, we recommend parking your vehicle in a shady spot. A garage is your best bet, but you can always opt for sun shades when parking outdoors.

Don’t Take too Many Short Trips

Too many short trips can cause your vehicle battery to drain sooner. You have to let the alternator recharge the battery. If you drive your car once a week only for a mile or less then we suggest extending your trip to prevent draining your battery.

Don’t Overwork Your Battery

Nowadays, many cars come loaded with numerous electronic accessories like Bluetooth speakers, smartphone chargers, GPS systems, etc. When all these devices are running at once, it can overload your battery. Please be cautious of how much you are running your battery. 

Keep the Battery Clean

Dirt, dust, and grease can collect on your battery and cause it to drain quicker. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to wipe off your battery from time to time. It should be done on a regular basis to keep the battery charge. All it takes is a paper towel and/or tooth brush.

Invest in a Charger

A portable car battery charger is excellent for any car owner to have. This valuable device slowly recharges your vehicle battery and keeps it from dying out. It keeps the battery charged while you’re on vacation or any other occasion where you won’t be using your car for an extended time.


Proper car battery maintenance for the summertime is key. Don’t wait until it gets too hot, and work on some of these battery tips now. We invite you to Hometown Tire & Auto for all your automotive needs.

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