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Common Signs That Indicate You Need Alternator Repair

The alternator plays an essential role in altering the energy from the crankshaft and applying it to your car's electrical system. The alternator takes mechanical energy and transforms it into electrical energy to recharge your battery, which is used to carry out your car's electrical functions (ex. radio, power windows, windshield wipers, and more). 

In perfect conditions, the alternator should last up to seven years. However, just like any other automotive component, alternators can fail due to time, mileage, and extensive use. Furthermore, fluid leaks can also lead to premature wear of the part. Below are some signs that indicate you need alternator repairs:

Dead Battery

A dead battery that occurs once is an inconvenience, but it could indicate an alternator issue if it occurs countless times after that. Electrical problems can be stressful, which is why we encourage you to take your car to our auto repair shop so we can inspect both your battery and alternator.

Electrical Warning Light

Besides grabbing your jumper cables too many times to start your car, you may also notice a warning light. The electrical warning light will signal you that one or more of your electrical system components needs attention.

Dim or Blinking Lights

Since the alternator provides your headlights with power, it can cause your headlights to flicker or dim. If you're struggling to see when driving at night, you should ask your trusted technician to check your alternator.

Failing Electrical Accessories

Apart from dimmed exterior lights, it may have impacted your other electrical systems as well. A failing alternator can cause your dashboard lights, air conditioning, power windows, power seating, and radio to malfunction.


If you suspect that your alternator is breaking down, please don't take it lightly. Instead, bring your car to Hometown Tire and Auto for multi-point vehicle inspection and repairs to avoid a total breakdown.

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