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Auto Glass Repair Myths

Believe it or not: many drivers fall for the falsely spread rumors about automotive repairs. And sadly, those assumptions usually lead to mistakes in vehicle maintenance and repairs, which can cost you more money later on. Today, we will touch on some of those myths relating to auto glass repairs.

Myth #1: You don't need to repair minor cracks or chips.

This is the most prevalent lie when it comes to auto glass services. Most drivers think tiny nicks on their glass surfaces are harmless; however, it's not the case. If your windshield has minor chips or cracks, you should 100% have it repaired. Over time, other elements like temperature, driving style, environmental debris, etc., can worsen and enlarge the chip or crack. Depending on how long you procrastinate on the repair, it could grow large enough to where repairs aren't an option anymore; you'll have to get the entire windshield replaced. It's best to get your minor glass imperfections fixed right away.

Myth #2: DIY windshield repairs are just as good as professional repairs.

Many vehicle owners want to save money by using do-it-yourself repair kits. However, most DIY repair kits are low-quality compared to the materials used by professionals. They may give little to no results. In the end, you could worsen the damages by trying to fix it. Professional auto glass repairs require extensive experience and training, so you can trust our Hometown Tire and Auto team to restore your glass like new.

Myth #3: Windshield repair will raise your insurance premium

Drivers often think that windshield repairs or replacement will result in higher insurance premiums and costs, but that's not always true. A jump in your insurance prices depends not only on the number of insurance claims you file but also on what is outlined in your policy. It would help if you clarified with your insurance company before taking your car to the shop.


If you have any imperfections on your vehicle's glass surfaces, now is the time to fix it. For reliable auto glass repairs in Liberty, TX, please call or visit Hometown Tire and Auto soon.

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