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Monthly Archives: June 2022

What Kind of Sound Is Your Car Making?

What Kind of Sound Is Your Car Making?

After you’ve driven your car numerous times, you get used to how it drives and the sounds it makes (if any). When you notice a sound that is out of the ordinary, it usually means there is something wrong with your vehicle. At Hometown Tire and Auto, we understand how stressful and unsettling car sounds can be. We have a team of technicians who can help you get down to the bottom of the problem. As soon as you start hearing something odd, you should make a mental note of what it sounded like and where the sound may be originating from. Oftentimes, you may also see other visual cues with the sound, like an illuminated dashboard warning light. When the noise occurs more than once, it is important that you get your car to our auto repair shop right away. When you come into our shop, be ready to inform the technicians as much as possible of the situation. This will help our technicians narrow down the problem. After, we will perform a thorough multi-point vehicle inspection of your ... read more

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