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Hometown Tire and Auto has an experienced and knowledgeable team of ASE Certified technicians that can deliver top notch front end services for your vehicle in the Liberty, Texas area. We have a fantastic reputation for providing honest and thorough diagnostics, and pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our clientele and offer them superior customer service.

When speaking of a vehicles "front end" this is referring to its suspension system and its many components. The purpose and function of a front end suspension system is to maximize the friction between the tires and the surface of the road, which provides proper handling, stability in steering, and ride comfort.

The grand majority of vehicles are front wheel drive, and thus a well maintained front end suspension provides a smooth ride on bumpy surfaces, and enables the vehicle to accelerate, brake, and turn corners more efficiently. The components of a front end suspension are:

- shocks, struts, leaf springs, ball joints, coil springs, control arms, and the sway bar

Symptoms of a vehicle that requires front end services

* Uneven tire tread wear

* Greasy and oily shocks

* Off center steering wheel

* Bumpy rough ride

* Drifting and pulling to either side

* Nose dives when breaking

* rattling sounds when going over speed bumps

Why is it important to have your front end suspension serviced?

Having a healthy front end in your vehicle is more than just enjoying the luxury of a smooth ride. It's vital that your suspension is working properly in order to be safe on the road, especially when traveling at high speeds. When suspension parts deteriorate and eventually fail, your vehicle can become unresponsive and you could lose control. A well-functioning front end will also save you lots of time and money replacing tires.

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