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Friendly, exceptional, and great work. Kept me advised of what was wrong and how to fix it. Great job Hometown title and auto.

5 Hometown Tire and Auto 7/4/2018

I had a flat and took it in to be checked. They fixed it, reset the tire sensors, and returned the spare to the original place. They also checked my other tires that I thought might need to be replaced. They assured me I didn't need new tires! I was told it would take about 30 minutes and that is exactly how long it took! They even had soft drinks for those waiting. Thanks so much!

5 Hometown Tire and Auto 6/6/2018

Just got home from bring our Motorhome back and went to move my truck. Would not start. Just clicked. Tried to jump off-nothing. Battery connections look a little corroded. Called Lib. Hometown tire and Auto. Talked to Earnest. Said he would be right there. As I was on the phone with another shop to possibly replace my two Interstate batteries, Earnest showed up. He jumped out, put his all in one charger/jumpstart on it and it started right up. Of course I asked him, do I really have to pay for this(just kidding), he said no, this is a customer courtesy. The main point I'm trying to make here is, they really DO live up to their name. They really ARE a Home Town Tire and Auto. They treat you like Family. And THAT is why I keep going back. Thanks alot Earnest. You AND all the crew up there are simply the Very Best! Later-honk honk.

5 Hometown Tire and Auto 5/25/2018

Appreciate good and quick service 5 stars all the way thank you

5 Hometown Tire and Auto 5/19/2018

Great customer service.

5 Hometown Tire and Auto 5/5/2018

Took both my 2001 Chrysler Sebring and My baby....My 2008 2500HD in to be worked on and serviced. My wife's Sebring had a dead battery. Not only did they charge it, and load test it, they suggested that I leave it overnight just to make sure it held, and that nothing in the car was pulling it down. I mean they really checked it over from head to toe before they gave it back to me. They even found some thing that need attention that was no where near the battery area, but while they had it, they looked it over. Just like I would do if I had it up in the air at home. My Truck just needed the oil changed and tires rotated. But in both cases Earnest and the guys really went above and beyond...like they always do. Thanks alot guys. see ya around town,

Mr. Tom, thank you! Your loyalty as a customer is truly appreciated. We always look forward to your visits and as always, your weekly honks! :-) Hometown Tire and Auto
5 Hometown Tire and Auto 4/29/2018

Good service and cheap..

Thank you, Heaven. We hope to have the pleasure of working with you again. Hometown Tire and Auto
5 Hometown Tire and Auto 4/22/2018

It is always a pleasure to have Earnest take care of my car. When I come in they treat me as if I am family. I highly recommend you to other people.

Adele, thank you. It is always our pleasure to work with you! Hometown Tire and Auto
5 Hometown Tire and Auto 3/23/2018

Trustworthy and great work. Try finding that combo anywhere else.

Thank you, Zack. We always enjoy getting to work with you. Look forward to seeing you again. Hometown Tire and Auto
5 Hometown Tire and Auto 3/14/2018

I loved the service! Went in for a tire rotation & the guys did a awesome job. Will definitely go back!

Thank you, Carla. We are happy we could be of service to you and hope to have the pleasure of working with you again! Hometown Tire and Auto
5 Hometown Tire and Auto 3/1/2018